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leafWelcome friends to our
programs & offerings for 2014

Sacred Plant Traditions is an educational center devoted to all forms, functions and fashions of plants. We teach all levels of classes on gardening, plant identification and how to begin assembling your home apothecary..

There are a number of great one day classes, including Kitchen Apothecary and The Art of fermentation and our brand new Walk Among the Trees.

For those that want more than a day but are not able to enroll in Foundations, our Six-Week class is now offered twice this year with night classes as well. The overwhelming response to this series has been great!

We offer our very popular Nine-Month Foundations program for those who wish to deepen their journey. After 20 years of teaching this format, we are delighted with how experience and all the participants, have perfected the curriculum as well as the flow and transformational nature of this program. I am in awe of the profound effect plants have on our lives and our relationship to self, family and community. This program is a testimony to that truth.

The revision of the Clinic curriculum was a ton of work and I believe, in my humble opinion, a huge success. What an elegant and thorough system to ground this training in – Traditional Western Energetics. Take a look at the two year advanced programs.

I do not take the honor of hosting guest teachers lightly as I am always moved by all the various ways traditional wisdom is expressed. In February perennial favorite, Phyllis Light returns with a very special class on Spirituality of Story as well as other great classes. Karyn Sander will be gracing our center for the first time with her deep and potent teachings of working with trauma as well as animal medicines. And August will see the return of Margi Flint with her unique personal flair and zest for teaching Diagnostics/Assessment Skills and Clinical Pearls for Endocrine health. And of course The 8th Annual Gaia Gathering for Women.

Our mission is to help people remember their true nature as it relates to and is expressed by the elements and worlds around them. We invite you for tea, a class, a day, or a lifetime, for once you feel the spirit of the plants you will be touched forever.

Warmest Regards,

Kathleen & the Staff at SPT



Just trust yourself then you will know how to live

- Goethe


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