Clinical Pearls and Diagnostics with Margi Flint

August 1 - 3, 2014

Margi FlintIt has been almost five years since Margi graced our community with her clinical skills training and pearls of wisdom. This weekend will certainly not disappoint those that have been waiting. All of these classes will be held at Common Ground Healing Arts at the Jefferson School. See directions below.


Friday, August 1, 10am – 4pm
Women’s Health and Clinical Pearls

Journeying through formative to wisdom years we seek to support regular, pain free cycles. Why are endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and acne directly related to family history and digestive issues? Pelvic floor health during the childbearing years will be covered with discussion of endocrine and liver health, fertility, pregnancy, and avoiding miscarriage. We will conclude with supporting healthy hormonal changes during menopausal years, diet and exercise shifts, & post-menopausal needs, including aphrodisiac and lubricating herbs to maintain a joyful human experience for all the days and nights on Earth to come!

Saturday and Sunday, August 2 & 3, 10am – 4pm

Margi shares the knowledge learned from her teachers and clients over the past four decades.

Learn to read the face, nails, tongue and body to understand indications of lines, blemishes, marks and colors.
Understanding the cues of the organ/body correspondences is a precious gift (and a curse).  You easily read the body, will find compliance with your protocol, and skip hours of wasted time once you train your eyes to see.  

Topics will include:

  • Indications of hot, cold, damp dry and wind conditions.
    Facial signs: lines and markings of the tongue, ears, eyes, mouth, neck, cheeks, hairline and nose and their organ/body correspondences.
  • Nail signs.
    Significance of tissue color in diagnosis.
  • Signs of hot, cold, damp and dry conditions.
  • Elimination analysis by stool and urine appearance.

The weekend will be spent partly in lecture and partly in looking at the indicators of participants. Come makeup and nail polish free!


Registration & Details:

Friday only - $125.00

Saturday and Sunday - $225.00

All three days - $325.00.

Deposit $50. Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

Common Ground Healing Arts
Address: 233 4th St NW, Suite 219/Charlottesville, VA. 22903 (second floor)

Parking & Directions:

The Jefferson School City Center in downtown Charlottesville is on 4th Street NW, between Preston Avenue and West Main Street.  It is walking distance from the Downtown Mall, and easily accessible from City bus lines and the UVA trolley. There is free parking available onsite in the Jefferson School City Center parking garage, accessible from 4th Street NW, which is for the exclusive use of City Center tenants and their guests.

As you are facing the building from the front, enter through the double doors in the left “corner” of the building, just left of the paved circle.  After you have entered the building, go up the staircase on your right, or turn left to use the elevator.  When you come to the second floor, make a left and then take your first left down the hallway.
Common Ground is located in Suite 219.

For a great rate on overnight accommodation check out the Alexander House at www.alexanderhouse.usor call 434-327-6447. This B&B/Hostel is only three blocks from our center and fills very fast. Other accommodations will be sent in welcome packet. Hope you take this opportunity to learn some deep wisdom from a wonderful teacher!



Margi FlintMargi Flint B. Sc., is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild~ Herbal Mentor, An Adjunct Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine since 1994, North Shore Community College since 2003 and Mass College of Pharmacy for their Masters program. She lectures at herbal symposiums as well as medical institutions around the States and lectures internationally. Many area doctors refer clients to the office. Her classes at Earthsong Herbals range from beginner programs to advanced herb and practitioner classes. She oversees two Practitioners Circles, one in Marblehead and one in Newport Rhode Island at Kay Parent’s clinic.

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