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Weekend Workshop with award winning author


June 7 - 9, 2013

leafOver these three days Stephen will explore his newest work with plants and plant intelligence, including material from his soon to be released book Gaia’s Mind. The workshop will be, as usual, about half experiential and half didactic. Stephen will explore the dreaming of Earth, the function of psychotropic plants in ecosystem function, cytokine cascades in human disease (and plant interventives for them), plant nervous systems and intelligence (just where is the plant brain and yes there is one; its location will surprise you), plant neurotransmitters and sensory gating channels, and in more depth: the nature of golden threads and their uses in understanding plant function and medicinal qualities, synaethesis, the secret kinesis of things, imaginal perception, analogical thinking, and a great deal more. The development of tools to intentionally shift consciousness in order to perceive the dreaming of Earth and the medicinal nature of plants will be explored. As usual, Stephen will use a combination of personal reflection, storytelling, informational sharing, and experiential exercises in his teaching. Some of it will actually be humorous. However. . .  Please be prepared to have core belief systems challenged.


leafPlease join us for this very special workshop

Special Evening Concert

leafSaturday 7-9:30 (ish)

Included with registration

Stephen has been doing some fairly deep work with the invisibles in sound the past three years; one of the members of his band, Veriditas, the amazing flute player Erika Randolph, will be flying in for the weekend and she and Stephen will be adding this work to the weekend on Saturday evening. This evening will be partly talk and ecstatic poetry, mostly music. Stephen will work with some aspects of plant song, the patternings of music in speech, the song dynamics of heart field work, ecosystem oscillations that present as song, duende, and what some musicians call the “fourth” voice. Many of the songs are specific to this work and the path that we all take on this journey. The form is a unique blend of improvisational blues, jam, acoustic, voice, and fretless African guitar. Erika will definitely shred on some of the songs. Kava will be served.

While Stephen may do a rare lecture here and there after 2013, this is the last year he will teach any workshops (unless something unusual occurs). If you do want to experience any in-depth work with Stephen, then this will most likely be your last chance.

PROGRAM COST: Fee for whole conference, organic meals all three days, rustic lodging or camping is $495. Deposit of $100 to hold your place is non-refindable/non-transferable. Please see other details below.

Workshop will be held at Camp Albemarle which is 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville.

Detailed FAQS:

Please read the following as this will be quite a popular and full weekend and we want to do our best to make sure it all flows with grace and comfort.

  1. Class times are as follows
    Friday - 9:30am - 5pm
    Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm, (concert 7pm)
    Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  2. You are invited to arrive Thursday evening after 5pm to set up your tent or settle in the bunkhouses. Please arrive no later than 10pm. THERE IS A SEPARATE $40 FEE FOR THIS OVERNIGHT STAY. PLEASE WRITE A CHECK OR PAY WITH CASH AS THERE IS NO PAYPAL OPTION FOR THIS.
  3. We begin class Friday morning at 9:30am.  The first meal served will be lunch on Friday so if you arrive Thursday evening please bring dinner for that night and breakfast as well. We will have herbal teas and coffee to serve in the morning but cooks preparing for the weekend will be busy in the kitchen. If you need to cook any food for these meals please bring your own cook gear.
  4. Tuition includes 2 nights lodging, teachings, 2 meals Friday 3 on Saturday and 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) on Sunday. Herb teas will be offered at all meals and coffee served in the morning only.
  5. secret teaching of plantsAt Sacred Plant Traditions, we are delighted to serve some of the most nourishing foods we have ever had at a conference (humbly speaking). We serve all organic, wild food with some of the best nettles soup this side of the Mississippi! Our fare is vegetarian with a conscious effort to provide good proteins through out the weekend. Our grains will mostly be quinoa and there will be lots of vegetables and fermented foods and gluten-free breads but for those with food sensitivities (wheat, dairy and other) we ask that you take care of these needs and supplement as you need with snacks or what supports you. Please bring your own coolers as the kitchen gets very busy and full serving over 60 people. Please bring your own eating utensils.
  6. This class is certain to fill quickly and there will be a wait list. Please read the following carefully:
    • After May 1 please reserve your space with completion of payment. The deposit will not guarantee your place.
    • If you need to drop out two weeks before workshop you will receive 90% tuition refund.
    • Dropping out one week before weekend 80% tuition refund.
    • No refund will be given two days before weekend start date.
    • We appreciate your understanding these measures as it would be hard to fill spaces with such short notice and with such a commitment needed even with a wait list.
  7. Camp Albemarle is a loved and cherished 4-H camp that has been serving Charlottesville area for over 60 years. The cabins are rustic and can be a bit musty but in June they should be just fine. I have stayed in them all times of the year with no problems. There are bunk beds with mattresses so you will need all your bedding. Camping is also available in the beautiful wide fields very close to the lodge and showers houses.

    We love hosting our events here because they make it affordable for us to host such great teachers at such a reasonable rate. They love having us because they say the change on the land is palpable after our events and we appreciate the Nature that allows this place to be so special. There is a meandering river that runs along the property so if it is warm, you are invited to take a swim.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write or call.


Stephen BuhnerStephen Harrod Buhner is the award-winning author of 18 books of nonfiction and one of poetry. For the past 30 years he has taught throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Western European Isles (UK/EU) about medicinal plants and Earth relationship. Among other contributions, Stephen is one of the early pioneers in understanding the non-linear source of indigenous plant knowledge; has been instrumental in bringing to prominence unhopped, herbal beers and ancient gruit; developed the first depth understanding of systemic herbal antibiotics and plant synergists; created the first comprehensive exploration of the function of medicinal plants in ecosystem homeodynamis; initiated the development of phytoandrogens in herbal practice, published the first meta-analysis of the dynamics of lyme spirochetes in the human body; developed the first understandings necessary for the herbal treatment of cytokine cascades in disease complexes; generated the first comprehensive exploration of the use of heart field dynamics in human/plant relationships; created the first depth analysis and exploration of herbal antivirals; and is one of the foremost writers on the nature of emerging infections and ecosystem disruption. There is a reason that Rosemary Gladstar calls him one of the “plant geniuses of our time.“


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