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Sacred Plant Traditions is a center offering classes in herbal medicine from the beginner to the accomplished practitioner. Each offering is crafted to deepen your understanding and relationship with plant medicines.

A message for these times.

Dear Friends,

Amidst it all, the bloodroot unfurls, the coltsfoot turns to the warming sun and the toads return to the pond with a vigor of fecundity that defies any notion of slowing down. Spring returns and indeed, it, harkens change.

This unfathomable moment…. how many movies and sci-fi books have we read portraying these times. We knew this scenario was coming but did we? off in the distant future maybe.  Frank Herbert, the author of Dune writes something that has always moved me. He says science fiction writers don’t write about dystopian futures to predict them, rather to prevent them.

So much to say.  As we stay home surfing the cyber waves, we are hearing so many saying so much….often too much. How blessed we are the ground is waking and the songbirds are calling us away from all the ‘too much’. If you know Ayurvedic medicine you know this is a very Vata time. Vata is the pattern or constitution of a person who is thin, wiry, nervous, anxious and very creative. Let’s not forget the potential to create deep change from all of this.

The word Vata translates into that which moves. This virus is moving so rapidly. It is carrying an energy that is frightening, uncertain and creates tension. Two weeks ago families were planning spring break with their children. Today both parents might be out of work. Drastic, rapid and heartbreaking change. We can wax eloquently about the earth speaking or the virus telling us how to redirect but let’s remember that it is a privilege right now to take the long view.  This next year will shake our foundations. Hopefully it will move us out of our complacency and into a way of living and giving to those around us. But coming from a still point seems to be the miracle of it all.

Interestingly, the remedies for Vata out of balance (as the practitioners say) are essentially how we are responding whether we chose to or not. Slow down, stay home, pull in and nourish. Pacify Vata is the phrase used and what greater allies than the nervines. I am including here my favorite links and great webinars that are free  but I want to talk about how we can help our families and neighbors who when you say ashwaghanda, they say gesundheit!

Keep it simple – there are boxes of Chamomile, Peppermint, Sleepy time and Tulsi in our local grocery stores. Many in our community do not know how to acquire pounds of herbs nor should they. That is our role, to gather the medicines and tend our stress and that of our neighbors. Add nervines of lemon balm, skullcap, holy basil, rose, rose and then some more roses to every bag of tea you gift your community or yourself.

Please see what classes have been changed, postponed or rescheduled. We are doing our best to stay present for you and we send biweekly newsletters in efforts to keep you informed. If you are not on our list please sign up below …..I will leave you now to how we welcomed you in a time before the great transformation. For that is what we are experiencing and the choice is ours as to how we protect the sovereignty of our lives and health and how we move into a more compassionate and conscious world community……

Welcome to our place in cyberspace which attempts to share with you our love, passion and devotion to the world of plant medicine.  I have been teaching now for almost 30 years and with each Foundations and Clinic course I am still blown away by what the plants continually reveal to me through each student, project, journey, tasting or tea. The medicine at our feet, avails itself to us with a generosity we humans find hard to comprehend. This gifting both humbles and enlightens me daily.

This year our guest teacher list is over the top. Please take a minute to read their offerings and the medicine they are bringing to our community. We know that conferences can be quite the expense for many, so we try to bring our friends and teachers here so they can share their wealth of information as well as experience. Day class guests will be Tim Blakely, Holly Poole-Kavana, Mimi Hernandez, and Erica Galentin will offer a separate day class from her weekend class, Aromatic Distillation. Weekend workshops include our perennial favorite Tammi Sweet, the one and only death-defying Jim McDonald, and dear friend, David Winston.

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A growing favorite class is the Six Week introduction. We meet in the evening, spring and fall, and come back week after week to watch the garden unfold and remember a little better who is who and how we can grow and work with them. Salves, elixirs, syrups and more preparations are learned so folks can begin their home apothecary immediately. This is the class that tantalizes many to go deeper and longer and move towards Foundations. But whatever your pleasure, it is super fun and chock full of recipes.

So take a look at our offerings and please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to stay in touch with happenings here in the neighborhood of Belmont, in the town of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia on our one and only Planet Earth. Come visit our sweet UpS Botanical Sanctuary where refugees of all status are welcome to find safe haven.

In the Spirit of the Plants,
Kat, Angel, and Heather

It is folly to ignore the sacred in life or medicine.
Skirting the spiritual has had a shattering effect on every dimension of contemporary existence.

– Rosita Arvigo

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