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Sacred Plant Traditions is a center offering classes in herbal medicine from the beginner to the accomplished practitioner. Each offering is crafted to deepen your understanding and relationship with plant medicines.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our place in cyberspace which attempts to share with you our love, passion and devotion to the world of plant medicine.  As I write this in January, 2019, our Foundations and Clinic programs are fully enrolled reflecting the deep engagement our community feels towards plant and planet stewardship. I have been teaching now for over 25 years and with each Foundations & Clinic course I am still blown away by what the plants continually reveal to me through each student, project, journey, tasting or tea. The medicine at our feet, availing itself to us with a generosity humans find hard to comprehend, both humbles and enlightens me daily.

An annual tradition we have is to invite great teachers from other places to share their wisdom with us so we can continue to deepen our relations with the sentient beings called plants. Karyn Sanders, Phyllis Light, Mimi Hernandez, Robert Rogers and Stephen Buhner will be making their way here in 2019 and into 2020.

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A growing favorite class is the Six Week introduction. We meet in the evening, spring and fall, and come back week after week to watch the garden unfold and remember a little better who is who and how we can grow and work with them. Salves, elixirs, syrups and more preparations are learned so folks can begin their home apothecary immediately. This is the class that tantalizes many to go deeper and longer and move towards Foundations. But whatever your pleasure, it is super fun and chock full of recipes.

So take a look at our offerings and please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to stay in touch with happenings here in the neighborhood of Belmont, in the town of Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia on our one and only Planet Earth. Come visit our sweet UpS Botanical Sanctuary where refugees of all status are welcome to find safe haven.

In the Spirit of the Plants,
Kat, Angel, and Heather

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It is folly to ignore the sacred in life or medicine.
Skirting the spiritual has had a shattering effect on every dimension of contemporary existence.

– Rosita Arvigo