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Nine-Month WEEKEND Foundations

March 16 – November 17, 2019
Saturday 9am – 8:30pm; Sunday 9am – 3pm

The 2019 class is full. Be sure to check back for 2020!

leaf4hedsThis program is for those wishing to help their friends and families maintain health, deepen their plant knowledge or begin the training as a community herbalist. The curriculum is dynamic, contemplative and provides a sense of community as we move through the seasons learning each step of the process.

We will begin by learning how to listen to the landscape before we even make a change in the garden. We learn Stephen Buhner’s Deep Diagnostic work as well as other techniques for working directly with the land. We then move to permaculture & biodynamic practices to see that medicine is borne of the soil and the environment. Herbalists are synonymous with eco activists as we tend and steward all places to protect the medicines. We will learn the nature of nature – ours as well as our gardens, fields and meadows. In June we will take a field trip to Southern Virginia Herbals, home and herb farm of Robbie Wooding. We will see woods grown goldenseal, ginseng and other woodland medicinals and experience the challenges, possibilities and enchantment of living the tradition of the land.

sacred plant traditionsWe will study the organ systems and their anatomy, physiology and basic functioning. We will focus on Western definitions of body systems with a major focus being constitutional language of Eclectics and contemporary teachers such as Michael Moore, Matthew Wood and others. We will follow the seasons learning the language of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it relates to the changes that are affected by moving through the wheel of the year. The emphasis at SPT is Traditional Western Energetics, whole plant medicine and plants, plants and more plants. We will be mixing soil, sowing seeds, designing the garden, digging roots, and gathering medicines to begin a home apothecary.

Topics covered are the following:

Anatomy & Physiology
  • Western as well as energetic models
Field Work
  • Plant ID
  • Wildcraft (harvest) techniques and ethics
  • Permaculture Basics
  • Sowing from Seed
  • Planting methods
  • Harvest and tending the garden
Apothecary Practices
  • Tincturing
  • Teas
  • Cosmetics
  • Compresses, poultices, fomentations
  • Oils, salves, creams
Nourishment Food ways
  • Fermentation
  • Bone broths
  • Wild foods




leaf4hedsThe tuition includes all class materials as well as herbal teas thoughout the weekend. In order to make it more accessible we have decided to lower the fee and have students bring bag lunches or eat at one of the great eateries close by. For dinner we will assign potluck groups for dinners so we can learn food as medicine with each other.

For those needing overnight accommodations, a list will be sent with registration materials.

Tuition is $2,100 and that includes all materials. An interview is needed before deposit is accepted. Deposit: $260 and is non-refundable and non-transferable after interview is completed.

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for 2019 class:
March 16-17
April 13-14
May 18-19
June 22-23
July 20-21
August 17-18
September 14-15
October 19-20
November 16-17


Please take a moment to read our refund policy:

  • All deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • All programs associated with three year programs have a contract 
agreement that will be sent upon acceptance into the program.



Please note: use the online registration to pay deposit, or to pay installments after deposit. To pay in full ($2100), or pay remainder due after the deposit ($1840), please pay by check. Make check payable to Sacred Plant Traditions, and mail to: SACRED PLANT TRADITIONS, 208 Douglas Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22902


Weekend at Sacred Plant Traditions