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April 26, 2019; 9:00am – 4:00pm

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Join Robert Rogers for a day long exploration of mushroom medicine.  In the morning, Robert will present an in depth materia medica of the six most important medicinal mushrooms and how they can help maintain optimal health.

In the afternoon, we will look to members of the fungal pharmacy for various chronic diseases, including a variety of cancers, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and a number of neurological and auto-immune conditions. A quick review of the latest research will be included. We will discuss the advantages of mycelium vs fruiting bodies, and how to prepare your own extracts and tinctures.

Herbal teas will be provided at all the one day workshops. Please pack a bag lunch.

Robert Dale Rogers has been an herbalist for over 45 years, specializing in the plants and mushrooms of the boreal forest. He has a bachelor of science in botany and spent eighteen years in clinical practice. Robert is the author of over forty books, including The Fungal Pharmacy and Mushroom Essences, and teaches earth spirit medicine at the Northern Star College in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Robert is a long-standing professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, and an assistant clinical professor in Family Medicine at the University of Alberta, his alma mater.  In 2015, he was honored as an Herbal Elder of Canada by the Canadian Council of Herbal Associations.

Robert conducts plant and mushroom walks throughout North America, and writes occasionally for the magazine Fungi, and the Journal of the American Herbalist Guild. He lives in Edmonton with his beautiful and talented wife Laurie, and out of control cat Ceres.


Fee for the class is $100.

Please take a moment to read our refund policy.

$25.00 non-refundable administrative fee.
Remainder returned if request is in writing (email) 7 days prior to event.