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An introduction to Vitalism, tissue states and an energetic framework for our plant medicines. This is a four part series with the last evening being clinical/practical applications.
This is an ONLINE course.
Monday Evening – March 12, 19, 26
with last class Wednesday March 28.

There is an exciting movement afoot in American herbalism. Understanding of energetic medicine, once prominent, has largely been forgotten until recent years. This movement is an attempt to restore Western energetic medicine to its rightful place in the pantheon of medical systems.

To observe patterns of disease we need to observe patterns in nature first to grasp harmonies and disharmonies. Winds that dry, waters that swell, heat that rises, cold that depresses are all vital expressions of nature that play out in our organs, joints, muscles, thoughts and spirit. This is the practice of traditional folk herbalism where nature is observed and the inherent self-regulating systems of the body are acknowledged and supported. The first class we will Introduce Vitalism and looking at health from a constitutional perspective. The following two classes will delve deeply into the Six Tissue States that provide an elegant and accessible framework for western herbalists to work from. Not the this herb for that organ system, this series will help define what is our nature and how to look for patterns of disease as vs symptoms.

The last class will be Kathleen going over case studies sent in by participants where we will look at the application of western energetics in real time situations. This is about shifting perspective and assessing our clients from a wide angle perspective, then honing into finer presentations.

Price is $125 for four classes and this includes all handouts, class slides and permanent download of live sessions. For more information and registration please contact Michele Marlow at spt.michele@gmail.com or via the sign up now button.