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Special Weekend with
April 25 – 26, 2020

Becoming Vegetalista:
Veriditas and the Journey to the Self

Plants are some of the oldest spiritual teachers that human beings
have known. Native cultures have insisted for centuries that their
knowledge of plant medicines were given them in dreams and visions by the plants themselves. For millennia spiritual adepts throughout Asian cultures have learned at the feet of plants. Within those lineages plants are considered to be some of the most subtle teachers for those on the ecstatic
Those that follow such a path are what some call vegetalistas. These
two days will be a blend of experiential exercises, deep
exploration of what we mean by plants as teachers and of course the
usual dose of poetry and storytelling. A very special time indeed.

leaf4hedsRegistration & Details:

Weekend will be held at Camp Albemarle, 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville VA, Rustic housing and camping available as well as listings of local places to stay.


Cost of Event – $395.00

Meals for Two Days (5 total) – $60.00

Cost of Rustic Cabins/Camping for Two Days – $20.00