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If we needed a revolution in our health care system, I believe this clinic is one of the many seeds being planted for just the degree of radical change that is needed to make health care accessible to all. As a consumer, I am also aware that often “alternative therapies” are very expensive and are truly not an alternative.

One of the unique aspects of the clinic is that it is mainly supported by student’s tuition. We have no grants, trust funds or other sources of income. This is the forum where my advanced students gain direct experience in working with clients and the community. There is only one other clinic of this kind on the east coast so it is a treasure indeed to the community of Charlottesville.

leaf4hedsHOW IT WORKS

When a client makes an appointment we send a health questionnaire or they can download the form here. They bring this completed, signed form along with all supplements or meds they are taking to the appointment. For the first three months students observe either myself or other experienced practitioners do the intake.

All cases are handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. After the intake, the client is asked to wait in the waiting room and enjoy a cup of tea, while the students discuss the protocol. Once a plan is set we explain suggestions and recommendations to the client. There is a tremendous amount of education that takes place. No diagnosing or prescribing takes place. If the client chooses they may receive herbs from our apothecary or buy foods or herbs from a source of their choice. If they choose our herbs we sell them at cost.

Knowing the high cost of good quality supplements, we offer them at a discounted rate as well. We are committed to accessibility that translates into affordability as well. Each client has a student that is assigned their case and they follow up progress and help answer any questions that may come up along the journey. We ask for a commitment of three sessions, as this is usually what is required when working with natural medicines. The majority of herbs work on a cellular level, deeply nourishing and toning organs and tissues. There is no magic bullet when it comes to healing…just time, dedication and support.

The clinic is held on Thursdays and sessions are offered in the afternoon. This service runs from April to November. Since we have a limited number of times to see clients, we greatly appreciate your follow through on keeping appointments.

Many clients were initially hesitant to sit in front of a small group of students when discussing personal stories. What we have seen time and time again is that there is a shamanic quality to the clinic in that the individual feels the support and dedication of students. This energy translates into a confidence and a deepening belief in these wonderful allies…the plants we have been gifted with to transcend and transform the mundane into the ecstatic. We hope you can experience this magic.