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leaf4hedsWe receive so many inquiries about career options and possibilities once someone has completed the Three Year Program. We are so proud to list some of the graduates or students of SPT and how they have crafted a beautiful livelihood with their previous education and experience and the courses they have taken with us.


Katherine Adams
Stallard Road Farm
(540) 937.4181

Grassfed Beef, honey, eggs, dairy shares, medicinal & culinary herbs. Plant walks, cheese making classes, herbal consultations. Our animals are raised exclusively on pasture without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, GMO or soy products. Katherine, as a practicing herbalist grows most of the medicinal and culinary herbs found in her teas, salves, syrups & other products.

Sara Agelasto

Sara Agelasto holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and is a graduate of Sacred Plant Traditions 3 year Clinical Herbalism Program. Sara is a Certified Natural Health Professional and a Certified Yoga Teacher. Sara runs a small herb farm, herbal clinic and apothecary on her property in Nelson County, Virginia. Sara also creates recordings and websites for healers and you can contact her via her Yoga Media Website.

Patricia O. Allison
Body, Mind & Soul
(757) 869.9270
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Our mission is to provide knowledge, awareness and natural and organic products to improve the quality of life through health education and herbal medicine.  We offer a variety of herbal bath salts, scrubs, healing salves, dream pillows, spritzers, lip balms, etc.

www.andrswellness.comKristin Andrs
Andrs Wellness Consulting
13 1/2 West Old St. Petersburg, VA 23803
(804) 733.3333

Andrs Wellness Consulting is owned by Kristin Andrs, Integrative Medicine NP and Herbalist. She combines the best of natural medicine with conventional medicine when necessary. Kristin has a general practice, seeing everything from heart disease, diabetes, environmental illness and cancer to chronic fatigue, lyme and fibromyalgia.

logoPureInger Brown

Inger Brown works with her beekeeping partner, Stuart Brown, to raise hardy survivor bees without the use of chemical treatments or antibiotics and offer honey, propolis, and bee pollen for sale to fund their efforts. They grow many herbs and wild craft others to create a variety of potent and useful herbal and self-care products for family and clients. Stuart makes handcrafted pure beeswax candles and Inger makes rich and splendid natural botanical perfumes and incense.

Debbie Caffrey
Tulsi – Creations of Zen
(434) 566.3680

I make herbal lotions and oils. Can be customized for your needs.

Kendra Charles

Kendra Charles works at an inner-city middle school in Richmond, VA, where she has started an after-school gardening program. In the spring she, alongside her students, will plant some of the more main stream herbs and she will teach her students the alternative uses for them. She hopes that this will open her student’s eyes to the powerful world of plants and their many magical uses!

Ashley Davis

Tonic is your source for all things herbal. We create a warm & inviting space for people to explore botanical medicine, with trained herbalists on staff to assist you in your journey to health and wellness.

Our goal at Tonic is to inspire & empower our community members to take health and sustainability into their own hands. We are dedicated to renewing the mutually-supportive relationship between plants and people. We facilitate this connection and the opportunities for healing that surround it, by offering high quality products, medicine-making supplies & ingredients, individual herbal consultations, & workshops on everything from family herbalism to lacto-fermentation to wild-crafting. We believe that through local medicine and local nutrition, we can begin to heal not only our individual ailments, but many of the afflictions affecting our planet as well.

www.Sage-holistichealth.comDebbi Dunn CHHC AADP
SAGE Holistic Health and Wellness Center
103 Stratford Dr., Suite A Williamsburg, VA 23185
(757) 585.9481

Sage Holistic Health and Wellness Center offers holistic nutritional consults for your bio-individuality. Focusing on Body, mind and spirit for a better lifestyle; we concentrate on your goals and overall wellbeing. Taking small steps leading to lasting overall vitality and happiness.

GyovaiChristine Gyovai
Dialogue and Design

Dialogue and Design is a firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia, focusing on helping citizens, localities, and organizations envision and realize a more sustainable future through collaboration, architecture, environmental design and community planning. With our partner organizations, the San Luis Sustainability Group and the Institute for Environmental Negotiation, we offer a diverse array of expertise to meet our clients’ needs today while helping them acquire the tools for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Kimberly D. Gunter
Bodykneads Skincare & Massage
(828) 284.8334

I am a licensed massage therapist living in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, where the sights, sounds and smells inspire the creation of handcrafted cold process soaps, herbal salves, lip balms, body butters, lotion bars and other various items.  My soaps and body care products are made with a combination of select herbs, spices, teas, butters, oils, clays, minerals, fragrance oils and essential oils.  It all started innocently enough…right in my kitchen, where all good and wonderful things start.  And it’s still going on in my kitchen…one small batch at a time.

KHendersonKaren Wright Henderson, MS, MPH, CMT
The Wright Touch, LLC Holistic Wellness Practice & Herb Farm
11247 Michaels Road, Woodford, Virginia 22580
(804) 448.9955

The Wright Touch, LLC is a Holistic Wellness Practice and Herb Farm located in Caroline County, Virginia.  The wellness practice consists of therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, clinical herbalism, nutritional health coaching and energy medicine, and focuses on sustainable wellness.  The herb farm focuses on herbs native to the Eastern United States.  Organically grown medicinal herbs are available in season and teas, salves, ointments, powders and other herbal products are offered for sale.

Josh Medlin
Certified Practicioner, Asian Bodywork Therapy
Certified Massage Therapist, State of Indiana
(317) 652.6109

White River Shiatsu offers both Asian bodywork and Western massage to clients throughout central Indiana. Shiatsu is a therapeutic form of bodywork rooted in Chinese medicine. Both shiatsu and massage sessions include client-specific lifestyle suggestions for stretching, exercise, diet, and herbs.

Molly Meehan

Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center
Bryans Road, Maryland
(301) 375.6082

Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center (formerly Centro Ashé) is a community rooted education center, farmstead, and medicinal plant sanctuary in Southern Maryland and Talamanca, Costa Rica.  We seek to engage community through organizing educational activities that celebrate the art, tradition, and culture of herbalism, and that cultivate meaningful connections with the earth and each other. We are grateful to build cooperatively to keep the knowledge of our food, herbal medicine, seeds, and our healing traditions alive and vital within our communities.

MichaudMary Michaud
(434) 466-6643

Mary Michaud, RN, MSN, FNP is a clinical herbalist, family nurse practitioner, and Reiki master. Her herbal practice is based in the energetic principles of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, and incorporates energetic body work and intuition with modern biomedicine. Mary graduated with highest honors from the University of California at San Francisco School of Nursing in 1997, and completed the three year Community Herbalist training at Sacred Plant Traditions in 2005 where she served as a clinical instructor from 2006 – 2013. Her special areas of interest are Ayurveda, flower essences, and intuitive co-creation with nature.

Shirlea Pemberton
Forestree Farmacy
(540) 287.4325

Shirlea Pemberton created Forestree Farmacy LLC in January of 2014, after receiving her certificate from Sacred Plant Traditions in November 2013.  Shirlea is a practicing Herbalist with Acupuncture Center of Richmond at their Mechanicsville & Midlothian locations.  Shirlea also gives woodland walks – teaching the flora of Virginia with their past/present herbal medicinal uses.

Holly Poole-Kavana
(202) 726.1924

Little Red Bird Botanicals offers individual consultations, an herbal CSA, plant walks, classes, and homegrown herbal products. Herbalist Holly Poole-Kavana sees clients and concocts her herbs in Washington DC. Part of her goal as an herbalist is to connect people with the plants that grow near where they live so that the medicine goes beyond bottles on a shelf. Little Red Bird is honored to be a practitioner at Sign of Jonah Partnerships in Healing and a member of the Community Farming Alliance.

Sarah Schapiro

Sarah Schapiro is a massage therapist and uses her SPT knowledge to make a variety of potions. She has collaborated with another massage therapist and started a line of products that use herbs as fragrances, aromatherapies, oils and sprays. Sarah’s massage business is called Ebb and Flow and her product line is called Gift of Flow. She is also located in Richmond, Virginia.

Claudia Sencer
Woman Care Virginia

WomanCare Claudia Sencer NP-CNM Gynecology care focusing on listening to and caring for each  woman in the way that suits her best. Routine annuals and problems. Personalized herbal formulations, supplements, prescriptions, lifestyle changes are all considered as desired and appropriate. Hour long appointments.

AShockleyAngel Shockley
Herb Angel

Herb Angel offers seasonally inspired, high quality, small batch herbal products and an eclectic array of medicinal herbs and other interesting plants.  Currently she stewards two gardens: one at Sharondale Farm in Cismont, VA, the other an urban garden in Charlottesville dubbed “the Oasis”.

Katherine Stewart

Gathered Threads is cultivating over 100 varieties of herbs without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We believe and practice sustainable practices for our own health, the health of the plants and animals, and the harmony of the environment. Gathered Threads offers a Herbal CSA (monthly delivery) and a Culture CSA (monthly delivery) to Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Vienna, and Fairfax, VA.  Katherine is also a Nationally certified Foot Reflexologist.

Suzanna Stone
Owlcraft Healing Ways

Owlcraft Healing Ways is a school of herbal medicine offering clinical consultations, herbal apprenticeships and day classes. Our mission is to enable and empower those who hear the call of the plants bringing forth each individual’s ability and skills as a healer. Our classroom is five acres of land on which an abundance of medicinal plants thrive both in wild and cultivated gardens.

Miriam Tobias

Teas, tonics, and herbal wellness clinic. Consultations by community herbalist Miriam Tobias.

soothingherbalsChin Velasquez
Soothing Herbals Apothecary & Holistic Healing Practice

Soothing Herbals is an herbalist owned and operated business that grows organic medicinal and culinary herbs and handcrafts herbal medicines, organic skin care and Aromatherapy products for the whole family.  Creating products that are healthy for people and the planet, we use the art and science of Herbalism and Aromatherapy as our foundation. Private holistic herbal health consultations and Reiki/Aromatherapy treatments are available by appointment only.

HeathersHerbalsHeather Wetzel, RH, MEd
Certified Herbalist
Heather’s Herbals, LLC

Heather Wetzel, RH, MEd has been serving the Charlottesville community as a clinical herbalist through her practice Heather’s Herbals since 2008. She is passionate about traditional energetic herbalism and the power of our green allies! She sees clients out of her office at The Elderberrry Community Herbs and Healing where she also serves as Apothecary Manager. Whether you need support with a specific health challenge or just want to improve your overall well being, you’ll be met with deep listening and receive an individualized herbal protocol and diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

ElderberryJan Wolfe
The Elderberry
1917 Commonwealth Dr. Charlottesville, VA 22901
(434) 964.9376

Jan Wolfe, a 2013 graduate of SPT Clinical Herbalist program opened an herb store in Charlottesville, Virginia in December 2013 called The Elderberry. The Elderberry combines an herbal apothecary, retail space, VDAC certified kitchen and a knowledgeable staff to provide a joyful learning experience with herbs. The focus is on locally grown herbs and artisan quality herbal products.