Three Year
Community Herbalist Training Program



leaf4hedsYear 1: Foundations of Herbalismleaf4heds2

March 16 – November 17, 2019

This program is the heart and soul of our offerings. We will see how our bodies and souls respond to different foods and medicines at different times of the year. Curriculum includes medicine making, wild food preparation, kitchen apothecary practices, anatomy & physiology and foundations of different models of herbalism; biomedical, Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the sacred journey to the plants themselves.

Above and beyond the rich and detailed curriculum is the creation of a sacred circle. This is the work of our time now; to come together as a community and bring forth the sustainable and joyful practices that will lead us to a healthier and more grounded life.

There are day trips to meet various eco niches as well.

This class can also be taken by itself or as the Nine-Month Foundations Weekend Program.
For full details, cost, and dates of program please see the Foundations Program page.

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leaf4hedsYear 2: CLINIC Ileaf4heds2
Western Energetic Herbalism – Therapeutics

March 20 – November 13, 2019 (Wednesdays)

in_the_labThere is an exciting movement afoot in American herbalism. The Western understanding of energetic medicine, once prominent, has largely been forgotten until recent years. Our curriculum is an attempt to restore Western energetic medicine to its rightful place in the pantheon of medical systems. It is our belief that herbal medicine is best practiced in an energetic model rather than a physiologic model, although the physiologic model is certainly serviceable and is definitely a part of the background teachings for a solid foundation for our students.
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leaf4hedsYear 3: CLINIC IIleaf4heds2
Western Energetic Herbalism: Practicum

March 22 – November 15, 2018 (Thursdays)

feature_clinic2The second year of training is where the student applies the theories learned in the first year. There will be more didactic teaching but mainly the student will begin seeing their own clients as well as clients that will be seen at our Free Clinic.
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