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Botanical Sanctuary Network

Sacred Pant Traditions is honored to have been awarded Sanctuary status by UpS. Kathleen was also the First Recipient of the Medicinal Plant Conservation Award in 2005.

Click here to take a look at the project that SPT completed as an eight month permaculture course:


UpSLogoApply to join the BSN network of over 80 Botanical Sanctuaries across the country. The mission of United Plant Savers is to preserve, conserve and restore native medicinal plants and their habitats of the US and Canada, while ensuring their abundant, renewable supply for future generations. To this end, United Plant Savers established one of our most important projects: the Botanical Sanctuary Network. As we became more deeply involved in the complexities of plant preservation, we realized that in order to preserve plants we must first preserve and protect the habitat in which our native plant communities thrive. What better way than to create a network of sanctuaries dedicated to restoring and preserving habitat for wildlife, both plants and animals.

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Guidelines For Establishing A United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary

UpS is in the process of establishing a network of medicinal botanical sanctuaries throughout the country. Our goal is to help establish Botanical Sanctuaries that not only serve as rich depositories for ‘at risk’ North American medicinal plants, but also serve as educational centers for plant conservation and organic cultivation. These Botanical Sanctuaries will also serve as important preservers of seed stock to be generated and maintained. Land, once acknowledged as a UpS Botanical Sanctuary, can use the UpS emblem to identify themselves as such. UpS Botanical Sanctuaries will also be eligible for special UpS planting grants and consultation services. UpS Botanical Sanctuaries will also be identified in the newsletter and on the website for educational purposes. To apply for UpS Botanical Sanctuary status Download the BSN Application form